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Dalmatian personalityEdit

Dalmatians have great stamina, since they were bred to run along side horse carriages. The Dalmatian needs a lot of leadership, and companionship, so the Dalmatian is also not great for beginners. Dalmatians absolutely hate being left with nothing to do, and if you have a garden in your backyard, it is not a smart idea to leave a Dalmatian there for longer then 20 minutes, since they are known to dig huge holes when board. Dalmatians like to play with children, but they need challenging games. If the Dalmatian doesn't have enough entertainment, they will get rather hyper. Above all, the Dalmatian needs to be socialised. They get along well with other pets, but again, they need to be socialised! The Dalmatian is the ideal dog for you if you are experienced in handeling dogs, and have to train the dog.

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