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The American Bulldog Personality[edit | edit source]

The American Bulldog is a strong, powerful breed that are not recommended for first time dog owners, because they can be a hassle to train when young. With proper training though, they are extremely loyal to their owners. The breed is rather good with children, but still be careful. The American Bulldog is unaware of it's own strength, and could accidentally harm a young child. They are fun loving, and love to play outside. They need at least one long walk a day. For people who enjoy exercise, and have previously owned a dog, this is not a bad choice.

The American Bulldog info[edit | edit source]


Size: 21 to 29 ins (53 to 73 cm)

Weight: 70 to 120lbs (32 to 54 kg)

Life expectancy: up to 18 years, average: 16 years


Size: 19 to 27 ins (48 to 68 cm)

Weight: 60 to 100lbs (27 to 45kg)

Life expectancy: up to 18 years, average: 16 years

Litter size: around 11


Prone to: Hip dysplasia

Living conditions: Can live anywhere. As long as there is a medium sized back yard.

Grooming: Groom weekly, bathe only when necessary. Sheds the average amount

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